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   I don't really understand why a british person would celebrate Halloween, and on the 28th too, yet the town is full. I suppose they

   are having a good time. Now, Guy Fawke's night, that's something I can really get behind.

      So, I haven't updated this page in a wee while. I'm going to try and be more on the ball with it from hereonin. It's been a busy summer.

      Had a lot of nice gigs, supporting the mighty Unit Ama upon their return was a highlight! And there was a fantastic trip down to London

      to play with Orchestra Elastique, and Cian Nugent too. Compering at Tusk festival was great, and just got back from Supersonic Fest in Birmingham

      last weekend which was tremendous, made some new friends, got to see Ruins, and spread thw bloody word a little further.

      Back at the end of July Tyne & Wear Museums got in touch with a view for me to work on a project involving going into their archives, digging for

      artefacts and responding with half an hour of material.... I'm writing a new album based on what i've found in there. I was

      actually midway through writing another album for guitar and voice, but that has gone on hold until this one, which will have an emphasis on 

      unaccompanied song, is completed. Recording is scheduled for the middle of December and the album should with any luck be out in March, with a very

      interesting launch event in the planning...... will keep you posted.





   I'm pleased to tell that the double-vinyl version of The Magic bridge has landed! The 2xLP comes with a CDR including 3 bonus tracks, lyric sheet

   all housed in Ant Macari's glorious artwork (plus a collage by me on the inside of the gatefold!). Really pleased how it's turned out - looks beautiful.


      You can get copies direct from me by visiting my SHOP or order it from Box Records here


      please note: I'll be mailing out copies from Monday 16th June but please feel free to order before then.







   Really pleased to announce the download release of The Heart Beats Slowly: Music for Film and Theatre, a selection of 16 diverse tracks made between

      2007 - 2012 for plays, short films, videos and installations. The music ranges between twisted folk, exotica, prog, hip hop, drone, sound-collage

   Ennio Morricone, gamelan, throat-singing, James Bond and a whole bunch of other smells.








   Got the test pressings for the Magic bridge back today - sounds sweet on vinyl. Really looking forward to seeing Ant Macari's beautiful art work blown up BIG.

      The album will be available on double gatefold vinyl on Box Records mid-April - will keep you posted. 



   I'm both delighted and horrified to tell you I'll be appearing as a clown in the new Khunnt video which is due to land soon.... Here's a horrible sneak preview





   Blank session looking good....





       Just got back from filming a small session at Blank Studios, really nice people, singing in a room, cups of tea. Thanks to Sam and the fellas, and Arto,

      and Kitty for a pleasant afternoon! I'll post some photos and the finished videos up here soon.

              Now it's night. What happens now?

              It's Monday. Monday is the day farthest from any other day. It seems to live out on it's own. I quite like a Monday, a hopeful day in its own way.

      Soon it'll be Tuesday and no-one will know what to make of it. A very puzzling day by all accounts, Tuesday doesn't seem to do anyone any favours. But

      let's not worry about that now, today is Monday. It's very quiet, and there's still a bit of it to go.










   Feeling positive about 2012. Hoping to take the Magic Bridge to new places over the next few months, start playing a lot more around the country, get this music

      to new ears this year, and hopefully make another album... We'll see! I'm going to be regularly updating this space with news, photographs, and plenty other word-bits

      as the days roll on, so keep checking back if you're interested. Bon voyage! 












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